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Art Therapy - Episode 10

Nov. 16, 2021 at 10:02 a.m. AST

Join Art Mamma and play in the sand (kitty litter that is non clumping and not scented will work as well) and put about an inch high amount in a low-rise box that is a comfortable size for you to manage. Gather a bunch of “stuff” from small toys, nick knacks, wood you name it to place and play in the sand – tray box. Watch, learn, listen, talk and maybe create a story or a poem from your creation you made in the sand – tray. Or just keep making new environments in the sand -tray with your unique personal stuff and have fun. If you’re tired of being an adult this is could be the art therapy modality for you and or to be with your children/grandchildren to communicate and explore your feelings together.

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